Upload your invoices –
we take care of the rest

Send or upload your handwritten, printed or digital invoices, and we extract the invoice data, categorize and GL code the items for you.

We Export the invoice data to your accounting system and to archive the original invoices – and more.

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Let us deal with your invoices

Keep your invoices organized

Can’t find a specific invoice that you received years ago? No worries! We archive your original invoices, and you can easily access all your old invoices.

Never miss an invoice due date

Have your invoices automatically scheduled and paid with our Bill Pay feature.

Understand and plan your purchases

Plan your finances with the help of our analytics tools specifically designed for restaurants.

Works seamlessly
with your current systems

Your restaurants runs on teamwork. Your software should, too. Plate IQ offers 800+ integrations that make it easy for you to get things done.

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We enable customers
to save time and money.

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