Accounts Payable Automation Software

Automate AP from Invoice through Payment

Save time & money by automating your AP process with the only End-to-End AP automation tool that carries unlimited customizations & unmatched approval policies.

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Eliminate Manual Data Entry & Pay Invoices in One Platform

Plate IQ handles everything from invoice digitization to bill pay.
Spend 80% less time on invoices and focus on the work that matters.

Invoice Automation

Digitize invoices automatically with industry-leading AI machine learning.


Schedule payments via check, ACH, or Plate IQ vCard and earn cash back.

The Plate IQ Card

Replace paper checks with virtual cards for faster, safer payments.

Document Storage

Every invoice is searchable and secure in your new digital filing cabinet.

Capture Everything Down to the Line Item

Plate IQ automatically captures header data and line-by-line details like product names, costs, and quantities.

AI Learns Your AP Process & Automatically Codes to Your GL

Map invoice items to your chart of accounts once. The next time you order those items, Plate IQ will code them correctly to your GL.

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Works Seamlessly With Your Accounting Platform of Choice

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Route Every Invoice to the Right Approvers & Assign for Payment

Your imagination is the only limitation to the complexity of your routing, approval, and payment process with Plate IQ.

Make Every Approver Happy

Some clients want to approve every invoice. Some want to see none. Plate IQ accommodates any approval process with approval routing based on things like:

  • Vendor
  • GL Account
  • Min / Max Total
  • Method Received
  • Time Received

“Before Plate IQ, we probably looked at each invoice five or six times. Now we use Plate IQ. Instead of walking invoices between different people’s piles, we just load everything in and the system’s rules send every invoice to the right approvers.”

Danielle Sauce

AP Manager, B&G Food Enterprises


Process and Pay Invoices In One Seamless Workflow

Schedule and approve payments right in your AP platform with Plate IQ Bill Pay.

  • Schedule invoice payments using checks, ACH, or virtual cards
  • Approvers can sign off on payments remotely
  • No more mailing checks or late payments
  • Auto-Pay recurring expenses like utilities and rental fees
  • Earn competitive cash back on vendor payments

Earn Cash Back on Your Spend

  • Earn competitive cash back on Bill Pay when you use Plate IQ cards to pay eligible vendors
  • Turn your AP department into a profit center with monthly rebates on virtual card and Enhanced ACH spend

Before Plate IQ, my coworker and I would sit together for 30 minutes every week to pay invoices. Just me and her reading out vendors and amounts.

With Plate IQ VendorPay, I can do a bulk of the payments, she can do others, and then we just meet for five minutes to do the rest. It’s been a lot easier.

Sarah Young

AP & Inventory Manager, Tatsu-Ya


Pay Vendors Directly Without Ever Writing Another Check

  • Pay any invoice online with virtual cards, ACH, or let us mail a check for you
  • Unlimited transactions and approvers
  • Earn cash back on qualified vCard and enhanced ACH payments

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Spend More Time on What Matters & Less Time on Accounts Payable.