Plate IQ for CFOs

Transform Your AP Department into a Profit Center

Leverage best-in-class automation and approval tools to revolutionize the way your teams work — and earn cash back along the way.

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Unrivaled Tracking and Control

Our best-in-class software streamlines Accounts Payable (AP) and syncs directly with any accounting software or ERP — opening the door to reducing costs, eliminating manual tasks, providing unprecedented visibility, and more.

Invoice Automation

Empower any employee to upload an invoice, with no manual entry


Schedule payments via check, Enhanced or standard ACH, or vCard, to earn cashback

Ultimate Control

Set custom approval workflows of any complexity, and track any invoice

Document Storage

Everything is stored, searchable, and secure in your new digital filing cabinet

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Earn Cashback on Corporate Spend of Any Kind

  • Plate IQ provides clients with cash rewards on any invoice or expense paid via Virtual Card or Enhanced ACH
  • Create a new revenue stream for your business

Make Strategic Business Decisions with Fast, Error-Free Data

Analyze spend in real-time with accurate invoice and payment data, focusing on the future with access to the past.
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Elevate Your AP Team

  • Eliminate time-consuming, monotonous manual data entry with complete and accurate invoice digitization tools
  • Improve employee retention and scale teams by refocusing their time on strategic AP processes
  • Know decisions are being made from accurate and timely invoice and payment data

Know with Confidence Where Every Dollar is Being Spent

  • Plate IQ provides a complete audit history of every invoice and its payment
  • Create workflows and rules based on any dimension important to you, and know your conditions are being met
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Don’t Take Our Word For It

See how Industry Leaders have Transformed their AP & Accounting Practices

Hear from Tatsuya

Check runs used to be my coworker and I reading off numbers and vendors for 30 minutes. Now we use Plate IQ for almost all of our bill payment[s]. It’s a lot easier because we don’t have to coordinate our schedules. I do a bulk of the payments, she can do others, and we meet up for five minutes to take care of the rest.

Sarah Young

AP & Inventory Specialist

Our old ACH process was a nightmare. We would have to go into our bank portal, call them, and literally read off all the transactions we were sending, just to verify them. Plate IQ lets us schedule right from the platform. Eliminating that entire step removed a lot of the headache from our ACH payments

Gary Rook

VP, Finance & HR

Free Your Team From Paper Invoice & Payment Processes

Automate the entire invoice lifecycle, from start to finish.

Boost ROI & Cut Costs Across the Board

  • Automate over 90% of manual AP processes, cutting costs and empowering you to scale with no additional headcount
  • Improve accuracy and earn as you pay with our margin-boosting payment methods
  • Use historical data to negotiate quantity discounts, take advantage of supplier discounts, and more

Build an Efficient, Smart, & Revenue Generating Finance Dept.

Plate IQ empowers CFOs to build a finance department that works more intelligently, is more proactive, and creates a new revenue stream for each part of their process — all in a single platform. This powerful information syncs directly into your ERP and main system of record, making reconciliation a breeze. Your AP team will thank you for the time saved!

  • Lower costs by 80%
  • No software expenditure
  • Reduce the risk of fraud
  • Increase accuracy by 90%
  • AP solution generates revenue
  • Increase security by 85%

See How Leading CFOs Have Revolutionized AP

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