Put AP In The Express Lane

Modernize your grocery store’s invoices, approvals, and payments with enterprise-grade AP automation.

Put AP In The Express Lane

Modernize your grocery store’s invoices, approvals, and payments with enterprise-grade AP automation.

Automate Your Invoices From Loading Dock to ERP

Invoice Automation

Digitize invoices automatically with industry-leading AI machine learning.


Schedule payments via check, ACH, or Plate IQ vCard and earn cash back.

The Plate IQ Card

Replace paper checks with virtual cards for faster, safer payments.

Document Storage

Every invoice is searchable and secure in your new digital filing cabinet.

Invoice Software for Grocery Stores

Eliminate 90% of
Paper Invoices

All AP automation platforms let you upload invoices in bulk.

Only Plate IQ goes a step further with Vendor Connections, a revolutionary way to get the equivalent of EDI invoices from vendors — even if they don’t offer it.

End-to-End Invoice Automation

Plate IQ automatically tags each line item with the proper GL code, helping you review and approve invoices 80% faster.

Support complex workflows with Advanced Approval Routing

Need to send invoices to third parties or central locations for approval? Create custom rules using any data field that appears on an invoice:

  • Vendor
  • Department
  • Location
  • GL Account
  • Min / Max Total
  • Method Received

“Our grocery clients are short-handed everywhere right now. They needed a way to receive, process, and pay invoices without the staff they used to have. Plate IQ has been perfect. Invoices and approvals are digitized beautifully and we’ve been able to cut document storage almost completely.”

Lance Nieland

CPA & Partner,
Retail Financial Services

A distribution center for your costs

Allocate your spend precisely with just a few clicks. Split any item between locations or departments to prepare your invoices for seamless accounting export.

Store everything in your digital filing cabinet

Plate IQ stores a digital copy of each invoice, alongside a full audit trail of approvals, edits, and payments, in one centralized and searchable system.

Organize and automate your grocery store’s AP.

Plate IQ Integrates With Your Accounting Platform

Seamlessly connect your AP data with the technology you’re already using.


Pay vendors at the speed of light

Plate IQ lets you initiate bill payments via check, ACH transfer, or virtual cards, which earn competitive cash back

  • Schedule any invoice payment
  • No more mailing checks or late payments
  • Auto-Pay recurring expenses like utilities
  • and rental fees

The Plate IQ Card

Issue and control your own expense cards

Plate IQ lets you issue virtual and physical debit cards to employees, departments, and properties in a single click. No credit approval or underwriting necessary.

Replace petty cash and reimbursements with pre-approved expense cards you can use for:
  • Recurring and one-off business expenses
  • Mileage reimbursement and fuel costs
  • Subscriptions, licenses, and utilities
  • Corporate and property-level expenses
  • Travel & Entertainment

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