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Tender Greens Gains Efficiency, Reduces Costs During Expansion

“When I started at Tender Greens, our AP department had three people. Today, even as our business grew from 17 to 24 locations, Plate IQ has cut our bookkeeping costs in half — and allowed us to move forward with an AP team of just one employee.”

Sean Skuro
VP of Finance and Accounting
50% Reduction
in bookkeeping costs






Sage Intacct

The Challenge

With 17 locations, Tender Greens had three full-time employees processing accounts payable. The process was time consuming and costly. Many invoice PDFs were being emailed to the Tender Greens team by vendors, where the team had to sift through emails, download PDFs, and manually enter the invoice data into Sage Intacct. There were many opportunities in this process for invoices to slip through the cracks, never to be processed. To make things more challenging, some invoices were being uploaded to dropbox where the team had to download them, compare with the rest of the invoices to ensure no duplicates existed, file, and organize. Tender Greens was growing quickly, now with 27 locations, and the current process was simply not scalable with the number of invoices ballooning.

Our Solution

Tender Greens partnered with Plate IQ to streamline their accounts payable process. With Plate IQ, EDI transmission is used for a majority of large vendors and smaller vendor invoice PDFs are all sent to a single email address where all the invoices are automatically captured and uploaded into the Plate IQ system. From there, all invoice data is synced with Sage Intacct. This new system removed both the manual data entry and arduous organizing and filing of invoices.


While Tender Greens grew from 17 to 27 locations, bookkeeping costs decreased by 50%. At the same time, the number of days to close the books at the end of the month decreased by 30%. The error rate decreased by 95%. Processing accounts payable with Plate IQ is easier, faster, and more accurate.