Bill Pay

Schedule all your payments with a few clicks

Schedule payments and sync directly to your accounting software using Plate IQ’s end-to-end accounts payable automation platform.

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Choose how (and when) your vendors get paid.

Virtual Cards

Earn up to 1% cash back while paying vendors digitally and securely.


Send electronic payments directly to your vendors’ bank accounts.


Schedule paper check mailings with just a few clicks.

Keep your cash longer

Don’t lose out on float. When Plate IQ sends a payment on your behalf, the cash doesn’t leave your account until the vendor receives it.

Works Seamlessly With Your Company's Platform Of Choice

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Hundreds Of
Industry-Specific Integrations

Set up internal payment controls

Ensure that the right people sign off on the correct payment amounts. Automatically track invoice and payment approvals for your records.

Want to cross bill payments off your to-do list?

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