Looking For A Concur Alternative?

Invoice Automation, Bill Pay And Expense Management That’s Perfect For Your Business.

  • AI-powered invoice automation that eliminates manual data entry
  • Granular approval rules that leverage every invoice field
  • Pre-approved expense controls via virtual and physical corporate cards

Feel Like You’re Overpaying for Concur?

Switch to the AP Platform that gets you more bang for your buck


Overpriced and includes fine-print fees

No dedicated support

Convoluted approval workflows

Error-prone invoice digitization requires multiple manual overrides

Rigid expense policies

Limited live training or webinars

Transparent pricing based on invoice volume

Highly-rated customer success

Custom approval workflows that fit your organization

Fast and accurate AI-powered invoice digitization minimizes manual inputs

Customized policies coded into The Plate IQ Card

Ongoing training webinars, interactive user forums

Zero-Touch AP, From Invoice to Bill Pay

Get A Customer Success Manager Who Truly Knows You

Hear from Golder Hospitality

With big solutions like we had, you’re just a number. You’re faceless. Supposedly we had a contact person, but that seemed to change quite frequently. Sometimes I just didn’t know who it was. Plate IQ’s customer support is way better than what we were on. We actually have a contact person who we reach out to whenever we have questions. And we gets a response. Plate IQ was able to build us a way to connect with our accounting software. I told them, this is what I need, and boom, they did it.

Shelby Tufenk

AP Manager

“We’ve been with Plate IQ for 3 years and every ‘dislike’ we’ve had we were able to bring to the table and watch them innovate. They are constantly improving!”

Cassie Z., CEO

“Plate IQ is continually improving and enhancing functionality. They listen to feedback and make changes that will improve the experience for their customers.”

Liz S., Small Business Owner

“Plate IQ offers so many opportunities for automating mundane tasks. It’s really helping us move into the paradigm shift going on in the industry.”

Administrator in Hospitality

Plate IQ Integrates With Your Accounting Platform

Seamlessly connect your AP data with the technology you’re already using.

Invoice Management

Speed Up Invoice Processing By 80%

Eliminate 90% of paper invoices

Plate IQ digitizes every invoice and keeps an image of the original at hand.

With Plate IQ, you can upload paper and electronic invoices in bulk, no manual input required. Or you can use Vendor Connections, a feature that obtains digital invoices directly from your vendors.

Give your managers their time back

What if your managers received invoices already coded down to the line item?

Plate IQ tags each invoice with its department codes upon upload, and even maps each line item to your GL, so that your managers don’t have to.

Bill Pay

Process And Pay Invoices In One Seamless Workflow

Schedule and approve payments right in your AP platform with Plate IQ Bill Pay.

  • Schedule invoice payments using checks, ACH, or virtual cards
  • Approvers can sign off on payments remotely
  • No more mailing checks or late payments
  • Auto-Pay recurring expenses like utilities
  • and rental fees
  • Earn competitive cash back on vendor payments

Introducing The Plate IQ Card.
A Smarter Corporate Card
For Your Business

No more manually keying in card statements.
The Plate IQ Card uses AI, mobile technology, and mint-condition transaction data to streamline accounting.

Eliminate The Expense Report.
Switch To Pre-Approved Spend

For Controllers

Control your spend before it happens. The Plate IQ Card makes it easy to dial in every spend parameter for every card.

For Employees

Enjoy all the convenience of a corporate card. Use anywhere you swipe cards: in person or online, from your pocket or on mobile.

For Everyone

No minimum bank balance, credit check, or personal guarantee means every business qualifies for The Plate IQ Card.

Easy receipt capture & automatic matching

Stop chasing your employees for receipts.

Convenient mobile capture and AI-powered receipt-matching help gather every receipt and pair it to its corresponding transaction.

Streamlined accounting sync & reconciliation

Reclaim your end-of-month.

With accounting sync, GL mapping, and one-day settlements, The Plate IQ Card minimizes manual data entry and ensures a smooth reconciliation process.

Automated mileage tracking

Make mileage reimbursements easy.

The Plate IQ Card’s mileage tracker calculates distance and costs automatically, matches up receipts, and prepares a smooth cash reimbursement process.

Get Started With Plate IQ Today

Code Transactions To Your Chart of Accounts, Automagically

Minimize manual data entry with AI-powered GL coding.
Map each transaction to your chart of accounts once and Plate IQ will remember it next time.

Create cards for specific merchants

Create cards that can only be used with certain vendors.

Example: Give your office manager a virtual card to keep on file with the office supply store

Create cards for specific categories

Merchant Category Codes (MCCs) control what types of purchases each card can make.

Example: Give your drivers physical cards that can only be used for category #5542: gas pumps.

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