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Switch to the AP Platform that puts the customer first.

  • No nickel-and-diming. Unlimited transactions and unlimited approvers.
  • Dedicated customer success support via phone, Zoom, and email.
  • Plate IQ never slows down vendor payments to make money on interest.

Designed For Accountants And Bookkeepers

Plate IQ puts your clients’ needs first with an AP automation platform that supports their custom workflow needs and provides critical business insights

Per-Approver Pricing

No Dedicated Support

Standard Invoice Approval Rules

No Line-level Invoice Capture

Manual Invoice Submission via Mobile and Email Only

No Insights

No Cash Back

Unlimited Users (Of All Types), 1 Flat Price

Dedicated Customer Success

Custom Invoice Approval Rules
with Any Invoice Field

Line-level Invoice Capture

Mobile, Email, and Paperless
Vendor Integration

Insights, Spend Analysis,
Contracted Price Enforcement

Up to 1% Cash Back on
Payments via Plate IQ vCards

How One Accounting Firm Switched From And Streamlined Their AP

We like that Plate IQ charges the same for Bill Pay every month. We’re not getting charged $1.50 for every check or ACH that goes out.
And Plate IQ’s integration with QuickBooks actually works. It syncs instantly. I’m not spending the hours that I did with on sync issues.

Jessica Glenn

Bookkeeper, Books To Go

Here’s Why Plate IQ Is Every Accountant’s Choice

Pay Invoices Online
(Just Like With

Plate IQ empowers you to schedule and pay your invoices effortlessly via ACH, check and virtual cards, right from the Plate IQ platform.

Unlike, we don’t slow payments down to earn interest on float.

Truly Scalable Approval Policies For Your Clients

With unlimited seats, you can add as many approvers as you need to your client’s approval workflows.

Create as many custom approval rules as you like that leverage every data field in your invoices.

Find (And Tell) The Story In Your Customer’s Spend

Plate IQ extracts and digitizes invoices down to the line-item, allowing you to drill down into your client’s spending by GL account, category, line item, time period, and more.

Offer actionable insights to your clients on sources of changing costs.

Earn Cash Back On Payments With vCards

Tired of sending checks or ACH payments?

Pay with Plate IQ virtual cards (vCards) and earn competitive cash back.

Automated Invoice Processing That Learns Your Workflow

Set up your workflow and mappings once.

Plate IQ learns your processes and takes over from there so you never have to manually code another GL item twice.

Paper-less Integrations With Vendors

Tired of manually scanning invoices?

Directly integrate with vendors and pull invoices into your AP workflow automatically

Hundreds Of Industry-Specific Integrations

The managers love being able to shoot an upside down, backwards, three-page invoice, mixed in with a bunch of other invoices, and have it process properly.” And the approval process has eliminated client trips into the office entirely. Our aging is exact to what’s sitting in Plate IQ under the Approvals tab. The manager just logs on, sees what we’ve set for payment, and approves it.

Joe Ely
Accountant, J Ely Business Services

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