Supercharge your team.

Bring the back-of-house and back office together.


Don't wait for your financial statements to understand your costs.

  • Automated accounts payable
  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Pay your vendors online

Plate IQ has given us an increased level of consistency within our group's accounting as to how transactions are recorded and reported despite each entity’s uniqueness.

Calvester Legister

NoHo Hospitality Group


Scale your business with ease.

  • View your price variations and enhance your cost tracking
  • Insights into spending without waiting for financial statements
  • Integrate with your current backend software

With three high-volume restaurants, we generate a tremendous amount of invoices on a daily and weekly basis. Plate IQ has allowed us to streamline the process of coding and inputting all of these invoices and purchases. We're now better able to track ingredient costs, price trends and purchase histories, all from our mobile devices and the web. Plate IQ has been an important part of Souvla's approach to thoughtful growth and its operational success.

Charles Bililies

Founder & CEO, Souvla


A faster, smarter kitchen.

  • Menu-level cost insights
  • Hot list price alerts so you can adjust immediately
  • Cloud-based Inventory Management

Plate IQ helps me make sure all my inventory pricing is as accurate and current as possible!

Mona Michael

Chef at Serpentine

Hospitality Group

Transform your operations.

  • Better food cost insights
  • Spend less on bookkeeping
  • More time to focus on what matters

In a sea of technology products for restaurants that bombard us every day, Plate IQ stands alone as a true game changer for prime cost control and back office operational efficiency. Unleashing the immediate analytics of our day-to-day purchasing has proven to be invaluable for us.

Joshua Pickard

CEO at Noho Hospitality Group

Accounting Firm

No more data entry. Focus on what’s important.

  • Invoice digitization. No more manually entering paper invoices
  • View of expenses, without waiting for financial statements
  • Send checks to your vendors with a few clicks. No more stuffing envelopes.

Plate IQ has been the answer to years of searching for a dynamic solution to manage high volumes of accounts payable work. The program is intuitive and the results are fantastic.

Tom Rutledge

Managing Partner at RDMS