Meet The Plate IQ Card

1-800Accountant has teamed up with Plate IQ to offer a corporate card and spend control platform that you already qualify for.

Issue & Edit Cards

Create your very own cards. Control everything and use them everywhere.

Stay Organized

Gather all your business expenses into one simple, easy-to-use system.

Protect Yourself

Stay safe against fraud and theft with virtual cards and built-in spend controls.

Exclusive: Get The Plate IQ Card Free

Get The Plate IQ Card free for 90 days. Only for customers of 1-800Accountant.

  • Use The Plate IQ Card free for 90 days
  • Issue 1 physical card and unlimited virtual cards
  • Discounted rate of $14.99/mo after
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Welcome: You’re already qualified

  • No credit check, personal guarantee, or minimum bank balance
  • Set spend rules you control
  • Issue cards for employees, locations, and departments
  • Settle up daily, so you always know your bank balance

Most corporate cards out there don’t work for us because of stringent cash balance requirements. Plate IQ’s corporate debit cards are way simpler. I can issue one with a single click, control the card’s rules myself, and monitor all of my purchase activity in real time.

Jake Vandermeer

CFO, Clutch Coffee

Scan and store all your receipts in one place

  • Convenient mobile app lets you snap a picture of every receipt
  • No more manually entering transactions from your credit card statement
  • Ingest and match receipts to transactions automatically, powered by Plate IQ's AI

Spend Control À La Carde

Granular controls let you feel confident issuing Plate IQ Cards to every employee, for every use case.

A card for every occasion

Burner Cards: Single-transaction use. Great for one-off expenses.

Subscription Cards: Cards-on-file for recurring fixed expenses.

Reloadable Cards:
Pre-approved for variable expenses like fuel or utilities.

Create cards for specific merchants

Create cards that can only be used with certain vendors.

Example: Guard against ecommerce fraud by creating virtual cards designated only for your most frequent vendors.

Create cards for specific categories

Merchant Category Codes (MCCs) control what types of purchases each card can make.

Example: Organize your fuel costs by creating a physical card that can only be used for category #5542: gas pumps.

Capture, store, and reimburse cash expenses

  • Manage & reimburse cash expenses
  • Track mileage costs automatically
  • Eliminate manual data entry with AI machine learning

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