Automate Your AP with Plate IQ & QuickBooks

No manual data entry, from invoice to bill pay.

  • Real-time invoice data sync, mapped to your QuickBooks chart of accounts
  • Stay close to source documentation: every QuickBooks record is linked to Plate IQ and includes PDFs of invoice, ACH, and check scans
  • Capture invoice data down to the line item
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QuickBooks and Plate IQ keep your data updated in real time.

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Plate IQ’s integration with QuickBooks actually works. It syncs instantly. I'm not spending the hours that I did with other platforms on sync issues.

The workflow for clients who needed to approve their invoices got much easier. Once invoices flowed into Plate IQ, all they would do was log in, approve any invoices in the queue, and let us take care of bill payment.

Plate IQ also transcribes invoices in greater detail than other platforms — at the line level instead of only header information.

Jessica Glenn

Bookkeeper, Books To Go

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