Never Manually Create Inventory Records Again

Leverage Plate IQ’s Invoice Data To Gain Control Of Your Cost Of Goods Sold With COGS-Well
  • Take control over COGS by automating invoice to inventory, instantly.
  • Leverage Plate IQ’s invoice line item details to set up inventory system in minutes, not months.
  • Perform menu engineering and recipe management powered by data from AP, Inventory and Point-of-Sale.

See it in Action

Integrate AP With Inventory To Unlock COGS

Transform Invoice Line Items to Inventory Records, Instantly

  • Plate IQ pushes new vendors, inventory items and packaging changes automatically to COGS-Well.
  • Count and value your inventory on-hand, enter and track orders, then compare those orders to invoices.
  • Make and fulfill transfer requests between locations, while tracking theoretical to actual inventory usage variances.
  • Interface with your Point-of-Sale to manage and evaluate your recipe and menu items.

Streamline Your Back Office And Truly Control COGS

Create a paperless back office that automatically processes invoices, updates inventory records and syncs with point-of-sale data to give you true control over your COGS

Set Up Your Inventory System In Days, Not Months

  • Direct API integrations and a joint-support team ensures a rapid onboarding experience.
  • Drop-in solution works within existing accounting and POS systems.

How Cherry Lane Grew with Plate IQ and COGS-Well

It used to take two hours to do inventory just for wine and beverage bottles.
Now, it’s 30 minutes.

Even with messy, handwritten invoices, Plate IQ picks up the information. and COGS-Well lets us order and ensure we’re keeping track of things.

Will Strong

Sr. Advisor,
Cherry Lane Ventures

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