Spend Management

Create Your Cards. Control Your Spend.

Create Plate IQ cards and link existing corporate cards to start managing all your expenses in one place.

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Manage all your spending on one platform

Plate IQ Cards

Issue your own virtual and physical cards to control costs proactively and earn cash back.

Corporate Cards

Link your existing cards to the dashboard and manage them alongside your Plate IQ cards.

Simplify your expense management with virtual cards

Issue virtual cards to your employees for one-time use or on a recurring basis. Create as many as you want, each with its own dollar limit, expiration date, spend category, and more. vCards are convenient, secure ways to control your spend.

Why issue Plate IQ virtual cards?

Never lose a virtual card
Eliminate manual work
Only spend what you allot
Automated account reconciliation
Full visibility on every purchase

Create your own physical cards

Issue employees physical cards with controls and limits that you manage from a central dashboard.

Manage all your corporate cards

Connect your existing corporate cards to Plate IQ and instantly get visibility into historical and real-time card activity, all on one dashboard.

Works Seamlessly With Your Company's Platform Of Choice

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Hundreds Of
Industry-Specific Integrations

Want to simplify your spending with Plate IQ?

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