Invoice Management

Automated Invoice Processing That Learns Your Workflow

Digitize, route, and reconcile a high volume of detailed and complex invoices.

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See your invoices in line-item detail

No more manual data entry. Plate IQ automatically captures invoice header data and line-by-line details like product names, costs, and quantities.

Get every detail correct on your GL

Map invoice items to your chart of accounts only once. The next time you order those items, Plate IQ will code them correctly to your GL.

Works Seamlessly With Your Company's Platform Of Choice

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Hundreds Of
Industry-Specific Integrations

Route every invoice to the right approvers

Create advanced approval rules to automatically send invoices and payments to exactly who needs to approve them. If a piece of information appears on an invoice, Plate IQ can turn it into an approval routing rule.

Reconcile your invoices faster

Plate IQ flags discrepant statements and missing invoices — and lets you email vendors directly from the platform — so you can close your books more quickly and easily.

Search and manage invoices from anywhere

Meet your digital filing cabinet. Plate IQ stores your invoices securely in the cloud for 7 years, meaning you can search invoices by any detail, manage invoices remotely, and get rid of all that paper.

Allocate your spend precisely

Not only does Plate IQ automatically tag each line item with its correct GL code, it also lets you split an item to multiple GL codes.

Want to save time and money on invoice processing?

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