See Your Spending
in High Definition

Discover new savings opportunities and control your costs with the actionable reporting served up by Plate IQ Insights.

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Find the story in your spend

Explore your spending by GL account, category, line item, time period, and more to quickly identify the sources of changing costs.

Monitor all your costs at a glance

Plate IQ Insights lets you track price fluctuations in real time, so you can see the moment you pay more for an item than you did in the past.

Optimize spending across locations

Is one location paying more than another for the same product? Plate IQ Insights surfaces these savings opportunities, helping to drive better, more consistent pricing.

Enforce all your contracts from one simple interface

Insights makes it easy to control costs with contract pricing. If Plate IQ detects pricing that exceeds what you agreed on, it’ll flag that invoice before routing it through the approval process.

Want to save time and money on invoice processing?

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