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Our solutions are designed to integrate, streamline, and automate the accounts payable process — invoice digitization through to bill pay.

Share the Gift of AP Automation With Your Clients

Plate IQ takes the hassle out of the accounts payable and empowers your clients to save time and achieve more.

Invoice Automation

Digitize invoices automatically with industry-leading AI machine learning.


Schedule payments via check, ACH, or Plate IQ vCard and earn cashback.

Customized Solution

Our advanced AI learns how your AP processes work and makes them simpler and faster.

Document Storage

Everything is stored, searchable, and secure in your new digital filing cabinet.

Spend 80% less time on AP

Automate Invoices and Payments

  • Upload invoices via scanner, phone, email, or vendor EDI
  • Set workflows, approval rules, and manage your AP processes
  • Pay any bill, remotely, and via the payment type of your choice
  • Sync directly with any accounting software or ERP
Streamline and improve your software

Benefits of Partnering with Plate IQ

  • Add AP Automation to your suite of solutions
  • Onboard your vendors with ease & support
  • Simplify AP and open the door to new revenue via cashback
  • Set your clients up for AP Automation Success

Don’t Take Our Word It

Our solutions make AP processes smoother than ever.

Hear from Tatsuya

Check runs used to be my coworker and I reading off numbers and vendors for 30 minutes. Now we use Plate IQ for almost all of our bill payment[s]. It’s a lot easier because we don’t have to coordinate our schedules. I do a bulk of the payments, she can do others, and we meet up for five minutes to take care of the rest.

Sarah Young

AP & Inventory Specialist

Our old ACH process was a nightmare. We would have to go into our bank portal, call them, and literally read off all the transactions we were sending, just to verify them. Plate IQ lets us schedule right from the platform. Eliminating that entire step removed a lot of the headache from our ACH payments

Gary Rook

VP, Finance & HR

Free Your Clients From Paper Invoice & Payment Processes

Say goodbye to stacks of paper and hello to less AP stress.

Gain Ultimate Control Over the Accounts Payable Process

AP can now be free from paper invoices! It has never been easier to integrate with a digital workflow customized specifically for you and your payment needs. You can get better control of your accounts payable, benefit from the best AI and machine learning, and have complete invoice automation with the benefit of payment automation for your clients!

  • Lower costs by 80%
  • No software expenditure
  • Reduce the risk of fraud
  • Increase accuracy by 90%
  • AP solution generates revenue
  • Increase security by 85%

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