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Plate IQ’s AP automation helps you process, approve, and pay invoices from anywhere — even while listening to everyone's favorite podcast!

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Invoice Automation
Bill Pay
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Accounts Payable Automation for Restaurants

Eliminate 90% of
Paper Invoices

All AP automation platforms let you upload invoices in bulk.

Only Plate IQ goes a step further with Vendor Connections, a revolutionary way to get the equivalent of EDI invoices from vendors — even if they don’t offer it.

End-to-End AP Automation

Support complex workflows at scale with Advanced Approval Routing

Should your chef only approve invoices containing food items? Want to send everything over $10k to your CFO — but only after GM approval?

Create custom routing rules using any data field that appears on an invoice:

  • Vendor
  • Department
  • GL Account
  • Min / Max Total
  • Method Received
  • Time Received

Before Plate IQ, we probably looked at each invoice five or six times. Now we use Plate IQ. Instead of walking invoices between different piles of paper, we just load everything in and the system’s rules send every invoice to the right approvers.

Danielle Sauce

AP Manager, B&G Food Enterprises

Pay Vendors Directly Without Ever Writing Another Check

  • Pay any invoice online with virtual cards, ACH, or let us mail a check for you
  • Unlimited transactions and approvers
  • Earn cash back on qualified vCard payments

Before Plate IQ, my coworker and I would sit together for 30 minutes every week to pay invoices. Just me and her reading out vendors and amounts.

With Plate IQ Bill Pay, I can do a bulk of the payments, she can do others, and then we just meet for five minutes to do the rest. It’s been a lot easier.

Sarah Young

AP & Inventory Manager, Tatsu-Ya

Streamline Your Restaurant's Invoice and Bill Pay Today

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Replace Petty Cash With Expense Management You Control

Plate IQ Spend Management lets you issue virtual and physical debit cards for employees, locations, and even specific transactions, in a single click.

You control the cards on the back end while your employees use them for expenses like:

  • Utilities
  • Subscriptions & licenses
  • Marketing spend
  • Fuel costs
  • One-off food purchases
  • Travel

We’re a fast-growing group. Our priorities are clean reporting and closing the books faster. Most corporate cards out there don’t work for us because of stringent cash balance requirements. Plate IQ’s corporate debit cards are way simpler. I can issue one with a single click, control the card’s rules myself, and monitor all of my purchase activity in real time.

Jake Vandermeer

CFO, Clutch Coffee

Finally, A Solution To Cost Fluctuations

Food cost volatility is a major source of uncertainty for restaurants.

Plate IQ Insights, our built-in analytics tool, helps customers tackle cost volatility head-on.

Plate IQ Insights helps operators track and manage fluctuations in costs across time and between locations.

  • See the sources of changing costs
  • Set price alerts on items and update your menu prices faster
  • Ensure that all of your locations are being charged fairly
  • Discover opportunities for contract pricing and enforce them automatically

Designed To Work With Your Restaurant Tech Stack

Restaurant Accounting


Plate IQ Integrates With Your Accounting Platform

Seamlessly connect your AP data with the technology you’re already using.

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Customer Stories

Now Serving: Everyone In The Restaurant

Chefs & Owners

“Plate IQ is so easy to use. The chef snaps a picture with the app and immediately the invoice is in the system — and she doesn’t have to think about it anymore.”

Cherry Lane Ventures

“We used to think we would have to hire a new data entry employee every four or five locations. With Plate IQ, we don't even need to backfill that first position.”

Third-Party Accountants

“We have seen the time spent on payables drop considerably in the last couple of months. Our time with each client just gets more efficient.”

Books To Go
Fine Dining Groups

"Our bookkeepers have never physically been to the restaurant for bookkeeping. If not for Plate IQ, our team would probably spend 12–15 hours per week on it."

Lazy Bear

“We have some invoices that are split between 20 locations. All we do is select the file, choose how to divide it up, and Plate IQ populates all that coding for us.”

B&G Foods
National Chains

“Plate IQ got us unified. Instead of my team having to toggle between two different things, they use one platform for all store-level and corporate invoices.”

Cava Group

The AP Automation Playbook for Restaurants

In this quick explainer, restaurant owner and executive chef Scott Youkilis walks you through a play-by-play method of automating AP: from collecting invoices to managing complex approval workflows.

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Plate IQ Is A Trusted Partner To The Restaurant Industry

Fine Dining

Fast Casual

QSR & Franchisee

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