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Customer Stories

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“We used to think we would have to hire a new data entry employee every four or five locations. With Plate IQ, we don’t even need to backfill that first position.”

Third-Party Accountants

“We have seen the time spent on payables drop considerably in the last couple of months. Our time with each client just gets more efficient.”

Fine Dining Groups

“Our bookkeepers have never physically been to the restaurant for bookkeeping. If not for Plate IQ, our team would probably spend 12–15 hours per week on it.”


“We have some invoices that are split between 20 locations. All we do is select the file, choose how to divide it up, and Plate IQ populates all that coding for us.”

National Chains

“Plate IQ got us unified. Instead of my team having to toggle between two different things, they use one platform for all store-level and corporate invoices.”

How A Michelin-starred Restaurant Tamed the Chaos with
AP Automation

Vendors were contacting us saying, ‘you missed this invoice, this one is late’ constantly… It wasn’t like we didn’t have funds to pay it. We just didn’t know how to manage payments. And we were so busy and it took so much time to do that invoice processing.

It wasn’t till we got on Plate IQ that it (became) a manageable process… Our team now spends a total of about 2 hours per week on bookkeeping for invoices from 30-40 vendors… As a chef/owner, I personally spend no more than 15 minutes/week on bookkeeping. If it weren’t for PlateIQ, our team would probably spend 12-15 hours/week. It just makes it so much more efficient.

David Barzelay

Chef And Owner, Lazy Bear Restaurant
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