$150,000 saved

in staffing costs

Case Study
Single-Concept Restaurant Group

The Plant Cafe Finds Natural Savings with Plate IQ

The idea for The Plant Cafe Organic has honest roots—a San Francisco-based group set out to promote well-being through 100% organic and local ingredients. From the menu to the buildings its restaurants occupy, the company is true to its story of health and sustainability. The Plant’s accounts payable process, however, was draining valuable time and energy from the group’s core business.

The Challenge

As the Plant expanded to seven locations across the greater Bay Area, it became tremendously time consuming to manually enter invoices into its accounting system. Several dedicated accounts payable positions were needed in the finance department, and the company’s CFO had to split time between regular responsibilities and data analysis. With food costs changing weekly, there was no good way to keep up with its single biggest business expense: food costs.

Our Solution

Plate IQ’s AP automation solution was an immediate hit with The Plant’s finance team. The user-friendly interface allowed the company to automatically digitize and code every invoice straight into its QuickBooks accounting system. No more manually splitting up invoices between expense categories or never-ending filing of paper invoices; Plate IQ delivered an entirely paperless solution, with the right data flowing to the right people for real-time purchasing and menu decisions.


The Plant has saved $150,000 in labor costs in the first year alone with Plate IQ. With data analysis automated, the company’s CFO can now refocus energy on high-level financial strategy. Recipe costs across all seven cafes can be calculated on the fly — a nightmare of a task before. And managers are alerted to price changes for key ingredients as they happen. Thanks to Plate IQ, AP now means less work, better data, and more value.

See how this single-concept restaurant group saved $150,000 in labor costs in the first year alone with Plate IQ.

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